Hair Restoration Treatment in Plano, TX

Hair implants describes the process or surgery that moves hair that already exists on the client to fill an area in the same head that is experiencing hair loss. There are usually two types of hair implants that a doctor a client visits would decide to use to solve the problem. The two hair implant methods used in transplant include Follicular Unit Strip Surgery and Follicular Unit Extraction. In the case of the first method of Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, the doctor removes at least six inch strip of skin from the back of the client’s head.

He then puts aside the strip and sews the scalp to close the area that hair was collected. Once the doctor sews the area that strip of skin was removed, the area quickly is hidden by the hair around it. The next step that follows in the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery is the division of the strip of the removed scalp in at least 500 or 2000 tiny grafts on the maximum. The tiny grafts each account for one hair or a few hairs. Remember that the number, type, color, quality, and size all depend on your hair type and the size of the area that needs hair restoration.


In the second hair implant, the procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction begins with the doctor shaving the back of the client’s scalp. Then a doctor or team of doctors would then remove hair follicles form the back of the scalp one hair at a time. The area, where the hair is removed heals with small dots, which normally the client’s existing hair covers. The small dots are what are referred as micropigmentation or hair tattoo. After collecting the hair follicles from the back of the scalp the doctor then prepares the grafts. Then the surgeon cleans and numbs the area that would the new hair. Holes are created with either a scalpel or needle. Then after finishing cleaning and numbing, the doctor then embarks on the process of placing the grafts in the holes one by one.


The cost in both hair implants methods cost between 4,000 to 5,000 dollars. However, the cost might change depending on the number of hair that is moved from the back of the scalp to the new area that requires the hair transplant. A good candidate in a hair transplant is the one that cooperates with the doctor by first explaining the problem and second committing to pay for the transplant. Recovery takes between three weeks to five weeks in both transplants.
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